This ministry was called forth to challenge you to consider the world news  and events from a biblical perspective.  You have heard what the  media, the government, your friends and others say about it.... but What Does  the LORD Say?

Have you considered it through the filters of the Word of God?  Have you  applied the Truth of His Word?  Are you driven to fear, anxiety or action  based upon what your emotions are saying or Have you Considered the LORD?

The truth of God does not change to accommodate pop culture nor does  it bow to the preferences of man.  So, what if some do not believe?  Will the doubters and their lack of faith change  the Faithfulness of God?  Absolutely Not! God remains faithful even when we are unfaithful.  Let God be True and Every man be a liar....  Rom 3:3-4

Our Mission

Provide a syndicated cutting edge Christian talk radio show that challenges the status quo, inspires and motivates listeners to consider life and personal issues from a Biblical perspective.

Meet Our Team


Evangelist, Author,
Dynamic Speaker and Teacher 

Twyla  has a B.S. in Business Administration Finance as well as a Master in Business  Administration.  She serves on  several non-profit Board of Directors and is the Past President of the Project  Management Institute Central Ohio Chapter.  She is a Certified Project Management  Professional (PMP) & Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP).    She speaks around the country at numerous Conferences and Conventions on  Leadership, Diversity, Communication, Project Management and a wide variety of  Motivational topics.  She is also an ordained Minister, author and adjunct college Professor.  Her book is entitled ‘Hallelujah Anyhow:  The Best is Yet to Come’.   
She is working with Lajuana on her next book on Effectual Prayers.

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Minister, Project  Manager
and Production  Manager

LaJuana  is an ordained minister currently serving as a teacher of Christian Education  and a project manager for special initiatives at Joshua Christian  Ministries (JCM) in Centerville, Ohio. She developed systems policies and processes for ministry departments and  managed JCM’s multimedia ministry launch into radio, internet, and television   broadcasting.  As Production Manager, LaJuana produced the 15 minute weekly radio program focused on promoting  Kingdom principles in everyday living.  
She has a Project Management Certificate from DeVry University Keller  Graduate School of Management; a B.S. in Health Education from the University of  Dayton & M.A. Management and Supervision in Health Care Administration from  Central Michigan University. She is working with Twyla on her book on Effectual Prayers. 
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