Maximize Your Potential and Be the Best You That You Can Be!Twyla Southall, a motivational speaker, minister, and writer has written an inspirational guide to help you navigate through lifes troubles successfully. Drawing on personal experience and the word of God, Twyla brings to life practical concepts and principals for conquering your mountain and realizing your potential.In this highly readable book, Twyla masterfully illustrates the unconditional Love of God and unyieldingly proves that you are not your failure. You will find yourself motivated to pursue your God-given purpose with unrelenting tenacity.

If you have ever wondered if your life has purpose or if past failures have ruined your potential, you must read this book. Hallelujah Anyhow The Best is Yet to Come will challenge you to learn from past failure, and use it as a building block to fulfill your purpose. More importantly, you will be admonished and challenged to say Hallelujah Anyhow as you realize that God saved the Best for Last!

Available for $10.99, ISBN # 0-9765501-0-5, paperback. Also available on,, and







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